Englist Summer Programs

English courses for students of all ages

If physical classes are shut down due to COVID, Englist is fully prepared to move lessons online.

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Grades 1-6

July 5 – August 20

Morning Reading & Writing lessons, themed activities in the afternoons, with one field trip per week!

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JUNIOR HIGH / High school

June 8 – August 20

Classes from junior high and high school students. This summer, Englist is offering a journalism course in our Taipei Teen Tribune program and a special condensed version of our regular academic essay writing course. Contact us now to find out more about scheduling and discounts!

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Location: Fuxing South Road, Section 2, No. 268, 2F-3

Telephone: (02) 2736-6829

LINE: @englist


Ways students can improve their writing skills

Teacher Adam has some tips on how students can improve their writing skills.



How Englist does online learning better than others

How Englist does online learning better than others

We understand that online learning is hard for families. Online classes might mean parents need to do a little extra work in helping their kids, or might need to pay a little bit closer attention to how their student is behaving in class. It’s no fun for anyone – parents, students, and teachers. What makes Englist such a great program is that we both understand the difficulties and drawbacks of online learning, but we are also able to transition to an online system in the blink of an eye.

How to prepare for the TOEFL

How to prepare for the TOEFL

A good TOEFL study plan can do a lot to prepare you for the test. These steps will help you organize an ideal study plan.   TOEFL format and scores Useful resources Practice strategies Tutoring Conclusion TOEFL format and scores Overall, TOEFL scores you on a...


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