2021 Summer Writing Program

Englist’s philosophy is based on providing a fully immersive English experience to help students improve their reading and writing skills. This summer, we’re providing twice-a-week classes for junior and high school students. Courses include our Taipei Teen Tribune journalism class and a condensed version of our regular academic essay writing course.


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English courses Tuesdays through Fridays

If physical classes are shut down due to COVID, Englist is fully prepared to move lessons online.

June 8(Tuesday)- August 20(Friday)
Class times: 13:30-16:30

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Taipei Teen Tribune

Taipei Teen Tribune is Englist’s online magazine written by Taiwanese students about their world and what they think is important. TTT writers talk about current events, culture, school, trends, and everything in between. All articles are written by Taiwanese students in their own words with minimal editing. TTT students choose their own topics and the articles are entirely their own. Englist is happy to offer an introductory summer course to help encourage critical thinking, self-reflection, media awareness, and sharpening of writing skills.

Wednesdays & Fridays

Academic Essay Writing

Englist’s Academic Essay Writing class is based on a writing curriculum developed exclusively by Englist. We teach students each component part of an academic essay, how to structure these components to convey ideas, and the logical underpinnings of communication and academic writing. This class is a great idea for students who want to sample Englist’s writing programs, review what they may have missed during the academic year, or to maintain strong writing skills over the extended summer break.

All English, all the time.


  • June 8 (Tuesday) ~ August 20 (Friday)
  • Suitable for junior high and high school level students
Englist 2021 英文冬令營課程特色1-100%全英文外籍老師授課

Classes are 100% taught by native English speakers

Englist classes are all conducted completely in English, allowing students to organically enhance their English skills through listening, reading, and writing.

Englist 2021 英文冬令營課程特色2-小班互動式教學

Small class sizes

By keeping class sizes small, we ensure students are properly interacting with not only the teacher, but with each other.

Critical thinking

Our teachers encourage students to express their ideas and use their critical thinking skills. This helps cultivate students’ ability to think independently.


of our students attend Kang Chiao International School



of our students attend Taipei Fuhsing Private School

Englist 的學生多數來自於雙語學校- 台北私立復興實驗中小學校

Our Teachers

All Englist teachers are highly educated and experienced instructors. Our admin team is equally committed to running our operations in ways that will best support our philosophy and our students. All of our teachers are …

  • native English speakers
  • university graduates
  • experienced in teaching English in Taiwan

    Parents are happy with

    their students’ progress at Englist

    “Englist teaches more than just average English courses; teachers will throw out topics that inspire students to think in English. Students who receive a standard Taiwan education on a daily basis are able to broaden their horizons at Englist and expand their worldview.”


    Parent to Grade 8, 7 and 1 students, Fuhsing Private School and Chingshin Academy

    “Englist offers more professional writing instruction compared to other English programs; not only teaching academic writing structure, but also giving students the opportunity to think about and explore topics they don’t normally encounter, thus enhancing the depth of how students think.”


    Parent to Grade 5 and Grade 3 students, Taipei Municipal RenAi Elementary School

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