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Why is an englist proficiency test required?

We’ve found that many Taiwanese students get excellent scores in English courses at school, but they don’t actually possess an advanced level of comprehension or any practical writing ability. Without genuine fluency in English, students will find it hard to compete in environments where competency isn’t based on a series of grades and scores. By taking our proficiency tests, incoming students gain a true assessment of what their English fluency level is, and will be recommended the most appropriate Englist courses to take in order to maximize their learning growth.

Proficiency over age

We prioritize a student’s English ability over their age, grade, and school scores when we make placement recommendations. In order to help students become the best English communicators they can be, we make sure they are placed in courses where they will experience the most improvement, rather than group kids together according to their ages and grades. Then, through our proprietary curriculum, we help students develop strong writing and critical thinking skills in English.

Schedule an assessment

With our custom proficiency test, parents gain a better understanding of which specific parts of their child’s English language ability needs to be improved. Teachers will then make course recommendations based on the results of the assessment. 

Step 1. Make an appointment

All of our assessments are conducted by Englist teachers who speak English at a native level. Make an appointment for an assessment by calling us, chatting to us on LINE, or filling in the contact form at the bottom of this page. 

Step 2. Take the test

Our assessments are designed to test students’ English writing, reading, and speaking abilities. Please keep in mind that students must be able to take the assessment alone with the teacher. Parents are not allowed to accompany their children into the room during the test.
(Assessments are conducted online during the COVID lockdown period.)

Step 3. Placement

After our teachers have gone over the results of the assessment, we will recommend Englist courses for the student based on what we think will benefit their learning curve the most.

The Enrollment Process

In order the protect the rights of our students and their parents, and to ensure we provide the best program possible, Englist has very strict policies regarding our enrollment process that parents must be aware of before joining.


Step 1. Assessment and evaluation

All new students must undergo our proficiency test and parents must clearly understand and agree to Englist classroom policies before enrollment can take place. Proficiency tests include English speaking, reading, and writing sections.


Step 2. Contracts and agreements

Before students can attend class, parents must carefully read and sign an enrollment contract, which includes details about the course, refunds, and costs for tuition, materials, and any relevant other expenses. The contract must be signed and returned to Englist before the first day of class.

線上英文學習 - 學術英文寫作(英文論文寫作課程)

Learn academic writing by yourself — online!

If your schedule isn’t flexible enough to accommodate Englist’s class schedule, you can try our online courses. Our online academic writing course is proprietary and based on our actual curriculum, and you can take lessons according to your own schedule, at any time you’d like.

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