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Englist is an English academic writing program, test preparation, and college advising program in Taipei. Englist’s test prep programs ultimately prepare students for university and careers overseas.

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  • Long-term and process oriented study (no cramming then forgetting)

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  • Understanding the types of questions

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  • Passage-mapping and answer elimination techniques

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Student Testimonials

I get to practice the skills we learn in class on stories and reading. Unlike other TOEFL classes, we don’t do exercises over and over again. Instead of teaching us how to get good grades on TOEFL, we learn comprehension skills, reading skills and writing skills that could also be used in courses outside. 

Adam Huang

10th Grade, Kang Chiao International School

The TOEFL class is trying to get us prepared by making sure that we fully understand the test and be able to answer them, instead of making us memorize the answers to the questions. Another thing that is good about the class is that the teacher is able to help us with our weaknesses since he understands the sections that we need help with.

I have learned how to brainstorm and write an essay in the time limits and the strategies to make it. Also, I’ve learned the ways to think about the answers to the questions in the speaking section in a very short time is to list out points in my mind instead of thinking the whole speech.

Timothie Hsiao

10th Grade, Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School

The best thing about this class is that students can learn and practice effectively. The teaching is clear, and the instructions are direct, students can understand the tips and skills provided by the teacher crystal-clear. If there is any doubt about the class, teachers are all willing to help. Most importantly, teachers give the students a great opportunity to practice and correct mistakes, this will help the students a lot by understanding their strengths and weaknesses.

I learned how to properly think during the process of writing an essay, which includes planning the outline, the structure, and organizing the details. Throughout 2 years of taking the writing class, I found myself improved a lot on how to write an organized and persuasive essay. This class helped me improve my general English skills and organization skills.

Una Chuang

8th Grade, Taipei Kuei Shan School

    • How long is it?
      • The test itself can take over four hours.
    • What do the scores mean?
      • The TOEFL is scored on a 120 point scale, with each section being worth 30 points. 
    • What is a good score?
      • Most top-tier schools prefer students with scores over 100, preferably over 110.
    • How is TOEFL different from IELTS and TOEIC?
      • TOEFL is a competitor to IELTS and gauges roughly the same skills. However, while IELTS tends to be preferred in Britain, Europe, and Commonwealth members, TOEFL is generally preferred by American institutions.
      • TOEIC is run by the same company, but is for professional purposes while TOEFL is academic in nature.
    • How long is it?
      • 2 hours 45 minutes
    • What do the scores mean?
      • IELTS is graded on a 9-point scale, but with .5 scores possible as well (so participants receive scores of 6, 6.5, etc.). Test-takers receiving a 9 are considered “expert” English users, while those receiving a 4.5 are considered “limited users”.
    • What is a good score?
      • Most academic institutions require an IELTS score of at least 6.5 or 7
    • How is IELTS different from TOEFL and TOEIC?
      • IELTS is one of the most popular English proficiency exams for second-language learners of English. It is the preferred English exam for most British, Canadian, Australian, Irish, and New Zealand academic institutions. It is accepted by a substantial number of American schools and is a required test for second-language speakers who wish to join a tremendous number of companies and professions around the world.
    • How long is it?
      • 3 hours
    • What do the scores mean?
      • SAT scores are calculated into two categories: “Mathematics” and “Evidence-based Reading and Writing”. There are 800 points possible in each section, with a maximum combined score of 1600.
    • What is a good score?
      • It depends on the school. The average SAT score for Yale freshmen is 1520. The average score for Penn State is 1200.
    • What is the difference between SAT and ACT?
      • Originally an acronym for American College Testing, the ACT is a competitor to the SAT. It is owned by a non-profit organization of the same name.
      • As it is a test that gauges college readiness, it functions in a similar fashion to the SAT, although its format and scoring method is significantly different.
      • There are four required sections to the ACT: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science Reasoning. There is also an optional writing section.
      • Each section is graded on a scale of 1-36, and the composite score is not a sum, but an average of all four required sections. The writing section is graded on a 1-12 point scale.
      • How long is it?
        • 2.5 to 4 hours depending on the level
      • What do the scores mean?
        • The GEPT is divided into separate levels of proficiency: elementary, intermediate, high-intermediate, and advanced. Students are tested on their listening and reading skills in the first stage. Each subset is worth 100 points, but to pass, students must have a combined score of 160, and the score for each subset cannot be lower than 72.
        • Students are tested on writing and speaking in the second stage, with each subset worth 100 points. To pass, students need a writing score of at least 70, and a speaking score of at least 80.
      • What is a good score?
        • It depends, getting a high score on a GEPT elementary level test is about the same as getting a lower score for an intermediate level test. A student aiming to prove excellent English proficiency should be aiming to pass the advanced level GEPT.

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