Online Writing Class

To help students who aren’t able to attend our physical classes, Englist is offering an online Writing Essentials class. Through online group lessons and individual 1-on-1 guidance, our teachers help students build foundations for English academic writing, while at the same time strengthening their listening, speaking, and critical thinking skills.


Class hours:

Group lessons every Tuesday 19:00-20:30

20 minutes of weekly 1-on-1 time with the teacher

16 lessons per semester

Class format: Online video chat + Google Classroom

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Englist provides an immersive English learning environment

Native English speakers

All Englist teachers speak English at a native level. Students improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in a completely immersive English environment.

Small classes

We insist on keeping classes small in order to give students more opportunities to speak up, and encourage them to cultivate their social skills in English.

Group lessons + 1-on-1 learning

In addition to 90 minutes of weekly group lessons, students may also schedule 20 minutes of individual time with the teacher each week to focus on specific issues they need help with.

Online writing classes are suitable for those who …


live outside of Taipei and New Taipei Cities


have at least a 7th grade English proficiency level


need to improve the foundations of their English academic writing skills


plan to study or work in an English-speaking country in the future

Our Teachers

Our Teachers

All Englist teachers are highly educated and experienced instructors. Our admin team is equally committed to running our operations in ways that will best support our philosophy and our students. All of our teachers are …

  • native English speakers
  • university graduates
  • experienced in teaching English in Taiwan

What Parents Have to Say

“Englist teaches more than just average English courses; teachers will throw out topics that inspire students to think in English. Students who receive a standard Taiwan education on a daily basis are able to broaden their horizons at Englist and expand their worldview.”

Parent to Grade 8, 7 and 1 students, Fuhsing Private School and Chingshin Academy

“All three children in our family have studied under the guidance of Englist teachers. The teachers encourage the students in ways that speak specifically to their unique personalities, and students always feel relaxed and comfortable during class. On the surface it all appears to be stress free, but there is a teaching strategy in place that helps the kids learn more actively and efficiently.”


Parent to Grade 5 student

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