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All Englist teachers are highly educated and experienced instructors who speak English at a native level. Our admin team is equally committed to running our operations in ways that will best support our philosophy and our students. We take our curriculum seriously and aspire to elevate the level of English education in Taiwan by setting high standards for both staff and students.


Writing Essentials

Basic Essay Writing

Advanced Writing

Taipei Teen Tribune

Adam Hatch

Founder / Academic Writing Director / Writing Teacher


California State University, Fullerton | Master of Science in Education

National Chengchi University | Master’s Degree

UC Berkeley | Bachelor of Arts

I want students to come away with a capacity for strong analysis and deep thinking. Anything that they encounter, anything that they approach, they’re able to look at it independently and critically and really understand things on a deeper level than I think most people often do … make them really valuable members of society.”


Fundamentals 1

Fundamentals 2

Fundamentals 3


Andrew Lyon

Fundamentals Manager / Fundamentals Teacher


George Mason University | Bachelor of Arts


“My favorite part about my job is probably the interactions with the students. I think that kids can and are learning a lot about the world around them, and hearing their perspective on things is just really interesting and a fun part about the job. And it just keeps you young.”


Fundamentals 3

Writing Essentials

Jason Chen

Writing Essentials Teacher / Fundamentals Teacher


University of Waterloo | Bachelor of Science


“Being able to help students achieve their academic goals, open their minds, and learn to express themselves is something that I find deeply fulfilling. That’s why I’m proud to say that I’m a teacher.”

Patricia Lin

Academic Director


Shih Hsin University | Bachelor’s Degree

Wenzao University of Foreign Languages


Liz Tsai

Operations & Media Director


New York University | Bachelor of Arts


Past Experience

Next Media Animation | Managing Editor, International News

International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT) | Morning News Anchor

Taiwan News | Copy Editor

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