Parent Endorsements

“Englist teaches more than just average English courses; teachers will throw out topics that inspire students to think in English. Students who receive a standard Taiwan education on a daily basis are able to broaden their horizons at Englist and expand their worldview.”


Parent to Grade 8, 7 and 1 students, Fuhsing Private School and Chingshin Academy

“All three children in our family have studied under the guidance of Englist teachers. The teachers encourage the students in ways that speak specifically to their unique personalities, and students always feel relaxed and comfortable during class. On the surface it all appears to be stress free, but there is a teaching strategy in place that helps the kids learn more actively and efficiently.”


Parent to Grade 10, Grade 5, and Grade 1 students, Taipei First Girls High School & Taipei Municipal RenAi Elementary School

“Englist offers more professional writing instruction compared to other English programs; not only teaching academic writing structure, but also giving students the opportunity to think about and explore topics they don’t normally encounter, thus enhancing the depth of how students think.”

It’s suitable for students who plan to study abroad, and will help them adapt early to future academic requirements.”


Parent to Grade 5 and Grade 3 students, Taipei Municipal RenAi Elementary School

“Englist is a good English learning environment for kids to improve their skills and become more knowledgeable.”


Parent to Grade 9 and 8 students, Taipei Kuei Shan School

“Englist has helped my son seamlessly transition from a public school to an international school, and all the while he’s maintained good grades in class.”


Parent to Grade 12 student, Kang Chiao International School

Student Testimonials

“It’s good for you, and it helps you in your school. If you don’t understand what your teacher is talking about in writing classes, you can come here, and you would be very ahead in school.”


7th Grade

“It’s very fun while learning … and the atmosphere is very happy and we all learn very well in it.”


7th Grade

“It’s really beneficial for your writing skills. It’ll make you more interested in writing. They teach you both academic stuff and entertaining stuff to write for the web, and overall it improves your writing skills greatly.”


9th Grade

“Being a TTT writer taught me the importance of having my own opinion and techniques to organize my thoughts. These skills made me become a confident speaker capable of delivering strong arguments.”


Former Englist student & TTT writer, current Soochow University law student

How Alex became a better writer

How Alex became a better writer

A copy of Alex’s 4-paragraph handwritten essay with corrections.

Writing well is daunting even to those who are native English speakers, so it is gratifying when we see students apply the methods they’ve learned at Englist to convey their thoughts, opinions, and arguments coherently in an English essay. In doing so, they also find a sense of achievement and develop a level of confidence that will help them not only in school, but also as they confront other challenges outside the classroom.

The following essay was written by Alex Sun, a Taiwanese 5th grader who uses English as his second language. Please note, Alex works tremendously hard and is a committed student who deserves full credit for his work ethic. However, coupled with those personal attributes, below is an example of what is possible after a year of working with Englist.

*Alex’s essay has been lightly edited for clarity.

Learning how to write essays is the hardest thing

by Alex Sun

At the beginning of summer, I went to a mysterious and unknown place called “Englist”. It is run by a pair of interesting brothers, Tr. Adam (Big brother) and Tr. Aaron (Small brother). We learned about all different types of articles and various types of writing skills. Since I started this program, my writing has changed a lot.

When I started, we began to learn a type of writing called “Persuasive Writing”, meaning an essay that persuades people. It didn’t really seem hard to me on the first essay, but when I got back my paper, it was actually all red due to the corrections. In the essay, there were tons of mistakes, including boring hooks, an abundance of grammar and spelling errors, and I didn’t even write my own opinions. In the following weeks, I practiced a lot of essays and the most difficult part to me was the commentary (opinion). Because I didn’t know a lot about my world, I always got stuck on it; once I even worked on an essay for a whole day.

After months and months of practice I did a lot of homework and tests, and that made me better. I could write a whole essay within two hours, I could think of good sentences that are connected, and sometimes I can get a good score on the tests. This is all because I practiced a lot and I didn’t give up on it. Even though it was super hard and I often think so hard that my head hurts, I still keep on going and that makes me stronger.

After all the problems and difficulties in the path of learning how to write, I also learned how to become determined. Whenever I encountered difficulties, I would remind myself to not give up. Even though I haven’t overcome all of my problems, I have still learned a lot.


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