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What is the TOEFL exam?

TOEFL is a very specific kind of test. It’s not a general English knowledge test, and that’s something a lot of people make mistakes with.

It’s not simply testing your vocabulary range or your grammatical range and accuracy.

TOEFL is testing specifically your ability to use English for certain tasks, and these tasks are directly related to college experiences.

TOEFL really is trying to help you to understand how to use your English effectively in a standard Western college environment.

Now, with TOEFL, you really have to understand as much as you can about the test itself. Simply having good English skill is not going to help you.

Why take TOEFL Test Prep with Englist?

Englist test prep classes prepare students for the conditions and idiosyncrasies of each exam. Students are tasked with understanding each section of the test as well as given ample opportunity to practice the skills necessary for each part.

Englist goes further than most cram-school style test prep programs; instead of rote drilling for each test, Englist students are taught to develop the critical thinking, communication, and analytical skills these exams are looking for.

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