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Taiwan’s premier elementary to high school level academic writing and college preparation training program.

Upper Level Writing

American middle to high school level English academic writing.


Elementary fundamentals, including parts of speech and structure.

Stephanie and Chloe, two of our Taipei Teen Tribune writers, were guest speakers on National Taiwan Radio, where they shared some of their thoughts on the English education system in Taiwan.

Endorsements from Parents

“Englist teaches more than just average English courses; teachers will throw out topics that inspire students to think in English. Students who receive a standard Taiwan education on a daily basis are able to broaden their horizons at Englist and expand their worldview.”


Parent to Grade 8, 7 and 1 students, Fuhsing Private School and Chingshin Academy

“All three children in our family have studied under the guidance of Englist teachers. The teachers encourage the students in ways that speak specifically to their unique personalities, and students always feel relaxed and comfortable during class. On the surface it all appears to be stress free, but there is a teaching strategy in place that helps the kids learn more actively and efficiently.”

Parent to Grade 10, Grade 5, and Grade 1 students, Taipei First Girls High School & Taipei Municipal RenAi Elementary School

Our students come from schools all over Taipei City and beyond, including Fuhsing, Kuei Shan, TAS, TES, Kang Chiao, Renai, and more.

Many of our students’ English academic writing ability improved so much since joining our program that they see significant improvement at school as well.

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Critical thinking is the soul of good writing.

To Kill a Mockingbird and Lit Class in Taiwan

To Kill a Mockingbird and Lit Class in Taiwan

By Teacher Adam I first read To Kill a Mockingbird in 9th grade for English class. I liked it, but I know I didn’t really get it.   I also remember much of my class not getting it. I have read TKAM probably nine times now, both in my role as a teacher and on my own....

How Englist does online learning better than others

How Englist does online learning better than others

With the spread of COVID-19 in Taiwan, all schools moved online. This transition was very difficult for some programs, but not for Englist. Englist was positioned extremely well to make this difficult transition because we prepared for this possibility early, our...

The 5 most common mistakes in academic writing

The 5 most common mistakes in academic writing

Academic writing is hard. Students at every level are bound to make a plethora of mistakes. Junior high level writers will struggle to form a coherent thesis statement. Graduate students will get lost in the weeds of an argument and be forced to rewrite pages of dense...

Englist is committed to making sure everyone stays healthy and safe.

We are always closely monitoring the COVID situation in Taiwan, and will follow the government's rules and regulations regarding our operations.

Englist regularly disinfects the classrooms and workspaces. Students are required to put on face masks before entering our offices, where staff will make sure their temperatures are taken and their hands are disinfected.

Parents will be informed immediately regarding any COVID-related class changes or cancellations. If certain classes can be held online, we are also equipped to handle that and will assist parents in making sure students aren't falling behind.

We ask parents to also help us ensure everybody stays safe by letting us know if anyone in their family has experienced any symptoms of illness, or has come in contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms.

Thank you for your help in keeping everyone at Englist safe.