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Here are writing samples from some of our top students. A variety of styles are featured to showcase the range of writing Englist students are capable of engaging.

*Note that the length of each piece is not important, but the thoughts and clarity behind the writing are the focus.

Advanced Writing

Click the icon below to read Jewel’s research essay on the history of racial discrimination in Taiwan.

Click the icon below to read Kate’s research essay on greenhouse gas emissions and its contribution to climate change.

Click the icon below to read Charlotte’s research essay on the role dams play in the quest to develop sources of renewable energy.

Essay Writing

Plot analysis written as a simple persuasive essay

By Zoe Chen

Plot Analysis of The Hobbit

On the way to get back their treasure and kingdom from Smaug, Bilbo and the dwarves encountered many people and problems. The group faced many obstacles throughout the adventure, so meeting new friends that can help you through difficulties is the most important in a journey. This makes encountering Beorn the most crucial event of Bilbo and the dwarves’ adventure.

The first reason why the meeting with Beorn is the most important event that happened so far is that Beorn saved Bilbo and the dwarves from the wargs and goblins. When the group was surrounded by wargs, the powerful Gandalf felt “dreadfully afraid” and started to “feel that they were in a bad place.” Beorn shelters Bilbo and the dwarves from goblins and wargs. He also kills a whole bunch of wargs and goblins when he was patrolling in a bear form at night. Bilbo and the dwarves would be in mortal peril if they camped in the wild at night, but Beorn’s house is safe. Therefore, Beorn is a lifesaver to the group because he gives refuge from the wargs and goblins to them.

Another reason why encountering Beorn is a crucial event in the story is that Beorn provided resources for Gandalf, Bilbo, and the dwarves. Beorn provided “ponies for each of them, and a horse for Gandalf, for their journey to the forest, and he would lade them with food to last them for weeks with care.” Even if the group escaped from the wargs and goblins, they could die from starvation, but Beorn gave them plenty of food, so they could still survive on the journey. Without the ponies, the party would waste their precious time and put them in danger through the forest. So, the supplies Beorn gave them can prevent them from dying on the adventure. 

Because Beorn keeps Bilbo and the dwarves safe by sheltering them and by providing them with resources, meeting with him is important in The Hobbit. Without Beorn protecting them, Bilbo and the dwarves would be hunted down and could have been killed by the goblins and wargs. Because Beorn is such a reliable person, meeting him on the journey is the most important event in the novel.

Practice outlining a body paragraph for a persuasive essay

By Kira Chen

TS: One reason why Omma Deli Deli is the best restaurant in Taipei is because they make healthy and delicious food.

CD: For instance, all of their main courses have a source of healthy nutrition like eggs and chicken for protein, salad or corn bowl for fibers, and mashed potatoes or yam for carbohydrates.

CM: Although eating at Omma Deli Deli is a little bit expensive, it is still worth it because an Omma Deli Deli dish will be heaven for your stomach and it is healthy.

CM: Being able to eat healthy food and enjoy it is not as easy in Taipei since everybody fries or uses unhealthy oil to cook, but at Omma’s everything is guaranteed to be high quality and healthy.

CS: Because Omma Deli Deli can produce healthy and delicious food at the same time it is clearly the best restaurant in Taipei.

Writing Essentials

Top Performers

Anna Chuang
Grade 7

Kang Chiao International School

Click the icon below to read Anna’s essay on why guns should be illegal.

Tiffany Chen
Grade 8

Ren Ai Junior High School
Research paragraph

By Tiffany Chen

There are a lot of animated Disney movies that people like, but the most popular one is Pinocchio. According to Rotten Tomatoes, Pinnocchio is the highest rated Disney movie by critics. The critic’s consensus for Pinnocchio says, “Ambitious, adventurous, and sometimes frightening, Pinocchio arguably represents the pinnacle of Disney’s collected works — it’s beautifully crafted and emotionally resonant.” This makes it the best of Disney’s collected work. Or as Paste Magazine says, “It’s not just a gorgeous film with some of the best songs in the movie history, but one with legitimate depth and emotion and a lesson that every person should learn.” When this movie was first released, many people saw it and really liked it, so they watched it many times. Because many people still like to watch the movie after 80 years, Pinocchio is the best animated Disney movie.

Henry Chuang
Grade 6

Taipei American School

Click the icon below to read Henry’s academic, analytical responses on his semester final.

Superior Performers

Ashley Chen
Grade 7

Jinhua Junior High School

Click the icon below to read Ashley’s essay on what the single worst thing is about being a teenager.

Kyle Lee
Grade 11

The Primacy Collegiate Academy (TPCA)

Abbie Liao
Grade 7

Kang Chiao International School

Click the icon below to read Abbie’s personal narrative essay about a harrowing bike accident.

Nicole Hsu
Grade 7

Taipei Wego Private High School
Persuasive paragraph

By Nicole Hsu

The best part of living in Taipei is that the city has super convenient transportation. In Taipei, there is the MRT, buses, and taxis. Each form of transportation has its own use. When you are in a rush and the traffic is awful, riding the MRT is your perfect choice, it is fast and convenient, and you will not need to worry about the traffic. If you have had too much to drink and you can’t drive, a taxi will be your favorite mode of transportation. It can send you almost anywhere, but at a small price. If you still think taking a taxi is still too expensive, then you can take the bus. You only need to pay 10 or 15 NT, but you can take a bus all over the city. All of these are examples about Taipei’s public transportation, and how convenient it is. This explains why Taipei is such a good city.


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