Here are writing samples from some of our top students. A variety of styles are featured to showcase the range of writing Englist students are capable of engaging.

*Note that the length of each piece is not important, but the thoughts and clarity behind the writing are the focus.

Basic Essay Writing

Brandon Su

Grade 9

Taipei Fuhsing Private School

Jewel Chen

Grade 10

Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Girls High School

Anna Chuang

Grade 8

Kang Chiao International School

Henry Chuang

Grade 7

Taipei American School

Emily Liao

Grade 9

Wego Private High School

Writing Essentials

Iya Wu
Grade 8

Taipei City Municipal Jinhua Junior High School

Sophie Pan
Grade 9

Taipei European School

Sophie Cheng
Grade 7

Taipei City Municipal Nanmen Junior High School

Eason Hung
Grade 11


Michael Kao
Grade 11

Xisong Senior High School

Rex Kao
Grade 7

Taipei Wego Private High School

Olivia Chiu
Grade 10

Taipei First Girls’ High School

Sean Gong
Grade 7

Taipei Wego Private Senior High School

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