Englist teachers all speak English at a native level and possess a wealth of education experience. Through all-English instruction, our classes help beginner learners develop strong pronunciation, listening, and speaking skills. By organically building a wider range of vocabulary through daily conversation with teachers, students also develop solid foundations for more advanced English learning and communication.

Intermediate learners further improve their English abilities by learning from material that covers different subject matters, which then serve as topics of class discussion and writing assignments.

Students will develop the ability to converse comfortably with some mistakes, write basic sentences, read storybooks independently, read novels with class, developing grammar skills.

Students will learn to converse comfortably with proficiency, begin writing basic paragraphs and series of sentences, read children’s novels independently, strong command of basic grammar functionality.

Students will be comfortable using proficient English in a range of situations, ability to construct a paragraph and foundations for essay writing, can read young adult fiction independently, strong command of grammar and mechanics.

What is guided reading and sentence building?

There are two main areas of focus at the elementary level – guided reading and sentence building. 

Guided reading is done as a group where students practice reading silently, out loud, and by listening to the teacher. As a class, they analyze texts to develop and enhance comprehension and vocabulary. 

Sentence building is taught through grammar instruction and writing practice. Students are asked to employ grammar skills organically through their writing, and by rewriting sentences with errors, students are able to target mistakes and problems unique to their writing experience.

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