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Taiwan’s Bilingual Education Needs Critical Thinking

Commonwealth Magazine

By Adam Hatch

English language study in Taiwan is at an all-time high, whether for use professionally or to get into a university like Harvard. However, the process of how to do that is largely lost on a population inundated with too many options and not great guidance …

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Taipei Teen Tribune class talking

National Chengchi University

Mr. Hatch was invited to NCCU (國立政治大學) on April 23, 2021 to address a group of PhD students regarding college-level English academic writing.


National Education Radio

Mr. Hatch and Ms. Liz have been invited to speak on National Education Radio for numerous segments. Topics discussed ranged from the importance of critical thinking in order to communicate and write in English well, to the English education climate in Taiwan. Englist students speaking out about their education experiences have also featured in a few episodes!



Episode 45
Listen to Mr. Hatch share his thoughts on Taiwan’s Bilingual Nation by 2030 initiative in this podcast interview, and his perspective on how English education in Taiwan can be vastly improved.
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