Englist library rules: 


  • Library access

Students can access their library account information through the Englist library website. Teachers and staff will help students borrow and return books.

  • Borrowing books

Each student may check out one book at a time. Books can be borrowed for 14 days. 

  • Renewals

A book may be renewed once if it is not overdue. There is a one-time renewal limit. To renew a borrowed book, please bring the book back to Englist offices. Renewed books can be checked out for another 14 days and take effect the day after they are renewed.

  • Returns

Please keep in mind the due date for all borrowed books. Students will receive email reminders 7 days before a due date, one day after the due date, and again 7 days after the due date. 

  1. If books are not returned or renewed 7 days after a due date, the student’s borrowing privileges will be suspended for a number of days equal to the number of days books remain unreturned. Once overdue books have been returned, students’ borrowing privileges will be reinstated.
  2. The teachers or staff will assist students to complete the return procedure and put books back onto the bookshelves. Please do not put books back to the book shelf directly.
  • Compensation
  1. Students and parents must compensate Englist for any loss of books, or damage, markings, annotations, or missing pages in books and materials borrowed from the library. Compensation can be made directly at Englist offices, and students may offer to replace the book of the same title or edition with a new copy.
  2. When a replacements are not available, the student must reimburse Englist according to the following criteria:
  • If the price of the material is New Taiwan dollars, the student shall be charged the listed price.
  • If the material is priced in a foreign currency, the student shall be charged the original price (using the exchange rate of that day).
  • Englist library website

Students may use this website to search our collection of books. Please let Englist staff know if you have any problems while logging in.

Login information: 

  1. The default setting for student usernames are the email addresses they have provided Englist. The password is the last 8 digits of your contact cell phone number. (Without 09) 
  2. For students who have siblings who also study Englist …
  1. Older siblings may use the email address provided to Englist as a login username. The password is the last 8 digits of your contact cell phone number. (Without 09) 
  2. Younger siblings must add “repeat-‘before the email address provided to Englist, The password is the last 8 digits of your cell phone number. (Without 09)
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